Leave Mold Cleaning to the Professionals

Mold Damage

When mold finds its way into your home, it can be difficult to know what the next step should be. While
your initial thought may be to buy at-home cleaning products and eliminate the mold yourself, this isn’t
recommended. Mold isn’t easily remedied, and even if you think you’ve successfully cleaned the mold
from your home, it can begin to grow again in the same spot, as well as in other locations. Our expert
mold remediation specialists discuss the reasons that you should hire a professional mold removal
company to tackle mold in your home—and why you should trust Archuleta Restoration and Remodel of
Albuquerque to handle that job for you.

Stubborn Mold
Removing mold might not seem like a difficult task to accomplish on your own, but mold is not easy to get
rid of. Mold likes to hide out in hard-to-reach and often overlooked places, and when you think you’ve
cleaned all the mold out, lingering spores can cause it to regrow. Leave it to the professionals to tackle
your mold problem, as they have the expertise and tools needed to scope out any hidden mold and
eliminate it before it begins to regrow.

Spread of Mold
Mold spreads through the air and clings onto any surface it can. While it might look like mold is contained
in one area, the spores can just as easily spread throughout your home—making it difficult to clean all of
it. This leads to a vicious cycle of cleaning mold, only for it to regrow in the same or a different place in the
house. Professional mold removers are able to keep mold from spreading, all the while successfully
eliminating it in the process.

Thorough and Experienced

Another great reason to hire a mold remediation professional is the fact that they have years of
experience. While a quick Google search may leave you feeling confident you can handle a mold
problem, the experts will be able to diagnose and deliver results in no time at all. They’re trained to handle
mold growth and know how to get rid of mold completely so you won’t have to worry about it potentially
regrowing in the future.

Rest Easy, Save Money
Mold can take up a great deal of your free time as you try to eliminate the problem. It can also become
quite costly if you’re testing and trying different cleaning methods in order to get rid of the mold in your
house. Not to mention any health problems you may develop while being exposed to the mold. Hiring a
professional can help with both time and money in the long run. They’ll expertly detect any hidden mold
and remove it from your home, leaving you free of the burden and with peace of mind.

Professional mold removers are the best option for your home when facing a mold infestation. Don’t wait
and handle it on your own, give us a call at (505) 473-2848 to receive experienced, friendly, and
professional mold remediation in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas!