3 Signs of Mold: See, Smell, & Sick

Mold is damaging—that’s an obvious fact, as it not only damages the structure of your property, but also the health of all who are in it. Less obvious, however, are the signs and ways to identify its growth and location.

Below, we break them down, telling you everything you need to be aware of to keep your Albuquerque, Santa Fe, or Las Cruces home and business safe, and your family and employees healthy!

Identifying Signs of Mold
Mold is most commonly found indoors due to a lack of airflow. Spores that travel through the air are attracted to moist surfaces, using wet or damp environments, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens, to reproduce and multiply. Furthermore, mold thrives in warm, dark areas that we often cannot see—so how do we know it’s there?

When it comes to identifying mold in your home or workplace, consider these three types of signs: see, smell, and sick.

  1. Signs You Can Smell
    Mold has a distinct smell, making it one of the most widely known and obvious signs. It’s described as unpleasant, giving off a wet, mustly, stale odor that many compare to rotting wood or wet paper—but while the unmistakable smell of mold is one of the most common signs, it’s certainly not the only one!
  2. Signs You Can See
    There are many visible signs that mold is growing, such as black spores and uneven patches on the walls and floors. Black spores are a sign that mold may be limited to the surface, whereas uneven patches may be a sign that mold is in between walls and flooring, and can include everything from squishy floors to bubbling paint.
  3. Signs That Can Make You Sick
    Mold can be severely damaging to one’s health, causing irritating and ill effects to the skin, lungs, eyes, and beyond. Known to induce flu-like symptoms, such as a runny nose and cough, mold may be to blame if you’ve been consistently experiencing these for a long period of time and without any relief. Being that mold spores are airborne, it’s also known to cause respiratory issues. If you’ve suddenly developed or have had a rapid increase of respiratory issues, it may be another sign that mold is present.

Get Rid of the Mold!
Mold can be dangerous and difficult to remove, which is why you should always turn to a professional to get the job done! At Archuleta Restoration and Remodel, we not only eliminate mold, but also remove moisture and prevent the potential of secondary damage, including microbial growth, mildew, and structural damage to buildings.

If you’re in need of mold removal and remediation services in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, or Las Cruces, turn to the name New Mexico trusts—Archuleta Restoration and Remodel at (505) 473-2848.