The Hazards of Water Damage

Whether from a leak, flood, or putting out a fire, many issues can result from water damage, such as destroyed belongings, microbial growth, and several health hazards—affecting not only your property, but your health, too!  Below, we explain the severe effects of untreated water damage to your home or business, and why you should turn to Archuleta Restoration & Remodel … Read More

Out with Fire Odors

When a fire ignites in a home or business, it’s obvious that the intense heat and flames will cause damage—less obvious, however, is the harmful aftermath, and how its effects may be even more damaging.    A fire any size, anywhere can be devastating, but once the flames are put out and the smoke clears, the real devastation is revealed. From … Read More

The Moldy Truth

Mold is bad, that’s no surprise—but what may come as a surprise is how prevalent it is in almost every home, and the harmful effects it can have on your family.  So, how do you get rid of mold and prevent it from spreading? The experts at Archuleta Restoration and Remodel in Santa Fe break it down for you!  Fungus … Read More